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What is a Buddha Bowl?

Buddha Bowl, Nourish Bowl, Grain Bowl, Power Bowl, Macro Bowl... it's got more nicknames than P-Daddy.... I just call it delicious! In the past few months I've been making a few tweaks to my personal nutrition and really honing in on what fuels my body best, what decreases bloating & inflammation and gives me the most energy. And while I won't be going vegan anytime soon (no matter what The Gamechanger's Movie suggests) I have dramatically increased my veggie intake and these Buddha Bowls are a BIG help for getting LOTS of veggies in on one meal. I created this handy guide (feel free to download it) if you're a newbie to building these power bowls. But the BEST part about them is that you can truly customize them to fit your preferences. Don't like kimchi then don't use it, don't like the way asparagus makes your pee smell (yes I realize that's TMI but come on... we all know it's a thing!) then don't use it. You found a veggie on sale that's not on this list... USE IT. Or maybe you're like me and have decided to go primarily grain free. Don't use grains. It's totally customizable and I've taken some of the guess work out of it for you! Enjoy 💕

Be sure if you make one of these you post it on Instagram & tag me @team_nourish in your photo!!!

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