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Coconut Curry Chicken (Instant Pot)

So just like 600,000 other people, I ordered the newest craze to hit the kitchen the


Well that dang thing sat there for 4 days before even did anything with it, but now! Now my friends it's cranking out dinners in my kitchen fast enough to make my old favorite, the crock pot, jealous (will I be writing an e-cookbook just for Clean Eating Instant Pot recipes, maybe ones catered to 21 day fix??!?! the future will tell!) This was the second meal I've made with the magic pot and this one turned out perfect! My first was a venison roast with veggies and it needed some work, so I'll write about that when it comes time.

But without further adieu... I gift to you Coconut Curry Chicken for the Instant Pot!