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Freedom From Diets, Baby

Each decade there has been a diet trend that has taken over the news and commercials that want us to buy in - literally and figuratively - to the idea that weight loss can be easy, a quick fix. Slim Fast, Atkins, Keto, Carb-free, etc.

Let me just tell you - there is no magic pill. There is no cleanse that can make you skinnier and fitter... for good.

A diet by nature is a temporary thing. So any dietary choices you’re making that are for a temporary solution (lose weight, fit into a dress, etc) is already setting you up for an “after” after you aren’t really wanting.

Diets are also typically one size fits all. Now I realize not EVERY diet is that way, but the vast majority of fad diets limit you to this specific number of whatever macronutrient is the devil this decade. Our bodies are all different shapes and sizes, we all have different activity levels and age. So when a diet says you need to cut back to 20g of carbs a day, but you’re 275lbs it’s no wonder you’re going to lose weight. You’re eating the