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Super Green Super Salad

I used to be the girl who ALWAYS brought the pinterest worthy dessert to the church potluck. Laid it down next to Mabel’s coconut cream pie and Barbara’s strawberry trifle... next to the 2 full 6 foot tables filled with pies and cakes and puddings...

Until one day... I didn’t anymore. One day, I began a lifestyle transformation that convicted me that we as a church have MOREEEE than enough pies and cakes and diabetes diagnoses.

What we don’t have enough of is healthy, whole food based dishes that highlight the way God originally designed our bodies to be fed.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying dessert! TRUST ME I can whip up a banana pudding good enough to make Paula Dean blush.

But church ladies, we can do better. We can add some whole food items to that fold out table.

My super green super salad is one of the easiest things to throw together that makes a BIG impact!

And while I’ve taken lots of half eaten deserts home from the potluck... I’ve never brought home one of my salads! Shoot half the time I don’t even get any of it!