I'm so excited you're interested in learning more about one of the Team Nourished Virtual Bootcamps! 

First off, what is a "Virtual Bootcamp"? 

My bootcamp is a space where you get complete

accountability, nutrition education, support,

encouragement, tough love and tender grace.

We do life together. through workouts, nutrition and

mental resiliency. It's a place to be Nourished from

the inside out.


It's hosted online, through a private closed facebook

group. I offer private text threads as well for those who

need a more intimate space to connect.

Every NEW round of bootcamp includes a 4 week meal plan, 1 30 minute call with me for private coaching, NEW content & a monthly tracker to record your progress. 

What comes with my bootcamp enrollment?

Every bootcamp has a different "theme" and so sometimes there will be different add ons, but there are 3 basic enrollment packages with the bootcamp. If you've found your way to this page, and you are more interested in my nutrition counseling services only, visit my store to check out those options.

There are 3 enrollment options for every bootcamp:

Nutrition Only

Fitness AND Nutrition 

All inclusive

Nutrition Only - $180

Comes with a customized nutrition program that fits your goals. There are 2 choices, my Mindfully Nourished program OR Nutrition 101.

Mindfully Nourished is an intuitive eating

program where we focus on setting up your

plate for success and the mindset that goes

into changing your eating habits.  It focuses

on what you CAN eat instead of what you

can’t—so you can lose weight happily and

easily without feeling hungry or deprived.

It is a video based program that comes with

a daily nutrition tracker, nutrition app access,

cookbook, water bottle, pocket sized guide

to take on the go. (NO fitness program is included in this package)

Nutrition 101 is a macros based nutrition

program where we focus on resetting your portions and getting you the correct combination of macro nutrients to hit your goals. Whether your goals are weight loss, weight gain or maintence we work together to set your targets and achieve them. This is a video based program that comes with a daily nutrition tracker, portion control containers, cookbook and 42 real time workouts.

BOTH nutrition programs come with 1 year of me as your coach, lifetime access to your nutrition program, hundreds of meal plans and recipes to insure your success AND a free 1 month supply of Shakeology, my superfood daily nutrition supplement. 

Nutrition & Fitness - $160

Comes with a basic nutrition program, 1 year of digital access to thousands of world class workouts. 1 year of me as your coach, a cooking channel. Think Netflix for fitness - SWEATFLIX!! BOTH nutrition programs (Nutrition 101 & Mindfully Nourished)

AND you get to choose between a free 1 month supply of Shakeology, my superfood daily nutrition supplement, the children's vegan smoothie mix OR the pre & post workout mix!

All inclusive! - $295

So ALL of the above AND more! Access to BOTH nutrition plans, plus the right workout program for you. AND you get 2 1-1 nutrition calls with me through the month to privately discussion your nutrition goals & progress. 

AND you get a free 1 month supply of Shakeology, pre & post workout, foam roller AND exercise mat. 










WAIT! I typically also have promo codes as well. So if cost is an issue I want to be able to help you out by providing you a discount!


* ALL bootcamps start on the 1st Monday of the month. They run until the Friday before the new start date. At the end of that particular bootcamp everyone will be removed and sent a new invitation to the group. To participate in the next bootcamp you must have at minimum 1 of the following: a shakeology, performance line bundle or 3 boxes of beachbars order in the last 30 days OR pay my private coaching fee $45 via paypal invoice. This fee covers the time, coaching, love & attention you receive from me. If you choose neither of those options by Sunday evening you will be sent an invitation to my tracking only app MyChallengeTracker. You can reenroll in a new bootcamp at any time. 

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Client Testimonials


My main reason for joining was to lose baby weight from baby #2.The virtual bootcamp has given me the knowledge and confidence to change so many aspects of my life. My workout routine, my daily nutrition, how I prioritize myself, and the ability to be a more positive mother. - Michelle


Well I even managed to avoid P.E. in high school, so saying I wasn't fond of exercise was an understatement. But I knew that I had to change that for myself and my family. Being with team nourished has allowed me to exercise at my own pace, with modifiers, in my own home while still having a community and coach for accountability. (Yummy strawberry Shakeology has been helpful too!) As a result in just over 6 months I've lost 33lbs and 4 dress sizes, and gained muscle and stamina that I haven't had, well, maybe ever! And I'm still going, which is amazing because I've never stuck with any exercise regimen this long. I am halfway to my goal and I KNOW I will get there! - Talia