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Conscious Cravings: Satisfying Slushies

Phew. It’s a hot one. Is it just me or does it feel like the sun is a little closer to the Earth right now? What I wouldn't do for a refreshing drink!

Friends, I have some treats for you.

There is nothing quite like a frozen, fruity drink. I remember going to the 7/11 when I was a kid getting a BIG giant slurpee. I don’t remember my first frozen drink with rum, but I bet it was equally as refreshing. Now, far removed from that sugar brimmed daiquiri, I do love some summer flavored, light and refreshing frozen drinks. My goal is always to ENJOY life & treats, but keep my goals in focus. It's easy to go overboard with slushies & totally blow out your goals, leaving you feeling bloated and over-served.