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7 Healthy Holiday Party Hacks

For someone who is wanting to either start or maintain a healthy lifestyle during the holiday season, parties can throw you into a tailspin... ending the year with more regrets than joy!

Try these 7 easy party hacks to keep your healthy head on straight.

Don't Go on an Empty Stomach

If you eat too little (or worse, nothing at all) the day of the party to “save up” your calories, you'll likely end up overeating. Eat balanced meals and a light pre-party snack to avoid walking in famished—and making a beeline for the cookie platter.

Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks

If you’re concerned about the heavy, fat-and-calorie-laden foods you’ll likely be surrounded by, bring your own lightened-up version of party favorites (a yogurt-based dip instead of ranch, for example). This will guarantee you’ll have at least one healthy option to choose from, and your host (and stomach) will thank you.

Choose Wisely

Not all party noshes are total calorie bombs. Stick with healthier dips such as guacamole and hummus paired with carrots, celery, and other fresh crudité.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Boozy beverages are often loaded with sugar, carbs, and calories. Stick to a two-drink limit, or opt for lower-calorie drinks such as a vodka soda. Another way I do this is to have a glass of water between each alcohol drink.

Eat Mindfully

You should absolutely eat the thing you wait all year for (like your coworker’s famous pecan pie). Just be sure to take the time to enjoy what you’re eating, and you’ll be less likely to overindulge. When you head to the buffet table be sure you put SPECIAL things on your plate... skip things like store bought chips & cookies... you can get those ANYTIME!

Get Plenty of Rest

The holidays are a stressful time, but getting a good night’s sleep before your fête is crucial. A lack of sleep can lead to overeating, so rest up pre-party.

Situate Yourself Away From the Buffet Table

It sounds simple, but the further away from the food table you are, the less likely you are to mindlessly grab whatever goodies are within arm’s reach.

take care of it now! So you have it for those days when you just don't wanna!!!

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