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Nutrition 101

I started dieting at 14, I remember it SO well. I wanted this black sparkly dress from the department store, my mom promised me she would buy me the dress if I lost (I can't remember) how many pounds. So I began dieting. And for the next 16 years I HARD CORE struggled with my weight. Diet after diet, pills, tea, wraps, creams.... anything I could do to lose the weight.

One time I cut out carbs for an entire YEAR!! I was keto before keto was cool... and you know what happened? I lost 40lbs (which is what happens when you cut out entire food groups). Then just like with every other diet.... I stopped, gradually... a little slip here and there, a binge fest with my girls and all of the sudden I'm bigger than I was before. Research tells us that when coming off of a diet (whole30, keto, low fat, etc) one typically gains 10-15% MORE weight back than they lost. So how have I lost 70lbs and kept it off? EDUCATION... yes I realize that's not the sexy lifestyle you want to hear about. It sounds a whole lot like work.... #sorrynotsorry. It's the true and lasting change. Becoming an informed consumer. Learning how to fuel my body properly. RE-learning portion sizes. Learning about food manufacturing opened my eyes like no diet ever could. So NOW I get to offer YOU my friends my second nutrition class! I want to help you. I want to help you learn how to fuel without deprivation.

THIS IS NOT A DIET – it’s a lifestyle upgrade!

This is a nutrition plan and learning experience designed for EVERYONE (and you’ll see why below). The plan will teach you how to eat better, not just provide a bunch of rules. In the end, your mindset and perspective towards food is going to change.

The goal is to build a healthy relationship with food making it a sustainable plan that will keep you wanting to eat healthy long-term. YESSSSS!

First, let’s talk sugar…

It’s no secret that sugar addiction is a huge problem and that’s why Macros for Dummies is laser focused on helping you crush that addiction. You’ll learn why sugar is so addictive and strategies how to break the habit.

It’s something the whole family will benefit from.

Finally a nutritional system that is designed for the entire family! I’m sure you’re tired of the complaints and cooking several meals every night. With UPF, there’s a big emphasis on children and how to get them to eat healthy, too! Don’t forget, the creator of this program is a mom, too, and she’s had to face the same challenges we all have — like the “I want pizza” argument, and she’s got strategies to help you WIN with the family!

You are now able to create your own custom meal plan.

You’ll learn how to create your own meal plans based on your specific goals and dietary restrictions, like paleo, vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free!

What’s included with the program?

  • 30 New Videos. There will be no guessing here. These videos explain everything from how to use the containers to the main principles of the plan.

  • My one-on-one coaching

  • A 30 day sample of my superfood smoothie mix

  • Fixate Volume 2 Cookbook: Including 102 brand new deliciously healthy recipes.

  • Lunch Ideas for Kids: I LOVE that this is for the whole family! This PDF contains 75 healthy options for kids’ lunches to help them eat a balanced diet.

  • Nutrition + App Tracking: You’ll have access to Beachbody’s nutrition app which allows you to track your container consumption, water intake, weight, and so much more right from your smartphone!

  • Portion Fix Containers: You can’t do this program without them!

  • Beachbody Insulated Tote Bag: Which comes with containers, ice packs, and lots of storage to help you eat healthy on the go!

Plus, a chance to workout LIVE with Autumn!

Okay, unfortunately “live” doesn’t mean “live and in person,” but this is pretty freaking awesome, too, so bare with me! Autumn will be reshooting 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme and you can stream it LIVE and workout with Autumn and the cast as they film the new workouts!

How can you get in on the LIVE workouts?

All you have to do is invest in yourself and purchase the Ultimate Portion Fix when it launches March 18th (March 4th for Coaches) and you’ll receive an EXCLUSIVE invitation to join — you can be I’m SO in!

But your order HAS to be before April 1st for this awesome opportunity!

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