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A Healthier Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is my husband's favorite holiday. He talks about it for months, the traditions and the food. He just loves it all. And me.... well you should know by now my stance on food, specifically SPECIAL day kinda food! YUM!!! But how do you navigate Thanksgiving when you want to keep an eye on your health & fitness goals? Well FIRST you build a "healthified" menu, then you EAT it without guilt. We'll talk portions in a minute, but right now. Let's talk the GOOD stuff. The actual food.

Appetizer Who doesn't love a shrimp cocktail? This Cranberry Shrimp Cocktail is SIMPLE (which you know is my jam!) healthier than the cheese dip. Main Course Keep your plate Veggies Most and you'll be all set! Whole Grain Stuffed Turkey Breast