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Fancy Pantsy Diaper Cakes

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before, but Mat and I have been hosting a small group Bible study since March. 2 of the women in our group are currently pregnant and we wanted to host a little Baby Sprinkle for them. One is having a boy *her 4th boy* and the other a sweet baby girl. To be really honest I've always thought diaper cakes were kinda tacky. I KNOW I'm a jerk. But it's true. So when we decide to make 2 I wanted to do something a little different. I LOVE pretty wedding cakes so I thought instead of filling it with baby items I would make them pretty like cakes. I am SO impressed with how they turned out! One of the other ladies in our Bible Study rolled the diapers while I assembled.

Materials make 2 diaper cakes:

1 economy size box of newborn size Up & Up brand diapers

1 economy size box of size 1 Up & Up brand diapers

1 economy sizebox of size 2 Up & Up brand diapers 1 box clear tiny rubber bands

1 roll wide burlap ribbon

1 roll heavy twine

For "girl" cake: 1 bunch of artificial flowers of choice

For "boy" cake: Assorted faux succulents

3 sizes of cake pan (I used 1 large spring form pans & 2 different size sauce pots)

2 pretty plates or chargers

Start by rolling all diapers & securing with clear rubber bands. Use the Up & Up (Target) brand if you want the cake to look white.

Begin loading them in the 3 different size pans from the outside in. (I had Luv's brand as well for size 2, so I stuffed those in the middle where you can't see them). Pack them in TIGHT!!! Tie the twin around the outside of the diapers to hold the cake shape. Tie a tight knot. Slip gently out of the pans. Stack on top of one another. I used the wide burlap at the top and bottom of the cake. Wind with twine 3 times. Cut flowers & succulents off of the long sticks they are sold in, leaving no less than 2 inches stem. Tuck succulents and flowers in the diapers as you like.

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