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In the Morning?!?! When I rise...

In the morning?!?! When I rise give me Jesus, the actual morning?! Like the AM?

Once upon a time I was a sleeper-inner. I loved snuggling in my bed, especially when it was chilly in the house. I would hear the alarm go off and instantly reach over to slap it quiet. I’d turn over, pull the covers up to my earlobes and close my eyes again. Only to do it all again 7 minutes later. I’d even build in time in my wake up routine to do that over and over until I HAD to get up. Before I had children, this was my pre-work routine. I was the girl who had 12 alarms before I actually HAD to get up. I would FINALLY get out of bed, already thinking of the 15 things I had to do before I even got to work, anxious before I even left the house. I would pray on my way to work & listen to some jams on Christian radio, and think I did something good for myself.