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The Shift Shop is Coming!

This past weekend was full of exciting news from Beachbody. There was the release of two brand new Vegan Shakeology flavors, Vegan Cafe Latte and Vegan Vanilla and the introduction of the newest member of the Beachbody Super Trainer Crew Chris Downing and his upcoming program the The Shift Shop. I am really pumped about this program, it seems like it is all about that functional fitness meaning that it will develop strength, endurance, and agility for life. The program is only 3 weeks long and one of the things that sounds really fun about it is that it ramps up each week. This means that it will be more challenging each week and starting every week off with a new challenge is always good and we will constantly have variety throughout the program. From what I have seen and read this is going to be a good one! I get to do one of the workouts with Chris at this month’s Success Club Trip in Punta Cana so I will definitely report back!

What’s the Shift Shop?

According to Beachbody The SHIFT SHOP is a ramp-up fitness program. Chris makes it easy for you to start. Then he gradually increases the intensity of the cardio and strength-training workouts week by week — all while refining your nutrition. Plus, he makes it a lot of fun.

Week 1, Chris uses shorter, 25-minute workouts that’ll help you stay focused and committed. And you’ll be eating a healthy balance of carbs, protein, and fat.

Week 2, just as your body adapts to the workouts, Chris increases their length to 35 minutes. Plus, you’ll cut back on the starchy carbs, while revving up the proteins and veggies.

Week 3, it all comes together. Seven days of higher-intensity workouts, while eating clean. This is your grand finale.

And there’s even a modifier you can follow, so you can always get through all the moves, and still get a great workout.

What can you expect after 3 weeks in the shop? Nothing but results. Your body should be leaner, faster, stronger. And because Chris will be shifting you toward a healthier mindset as well, you’ll be able to build on these accomplishments for the rest of your life.

Sounds Exciting right?

One of the really cool things with the release of the Shift Shop that is different from the release of previous programs is that you can get started on your health and fitness now and then get access to the Shift Shop for FREE when it comes out in JULY! I am a firm believer that when you decide that you are going to do anything you need to take massive action on it. So while I am really looking forward to the release of the Shift Shop I am not going to sit around and wait on my health and fitness until July. I am going to keep pushing play every day and smash this program when it comes out! Things never get easier you just get better and I am looking forward to starting this program already in amazing shape and using the new moves and unique training to take my endurance, fitness, and agility to the next level! Who doesn’t love the feeling of being an athlete?

Don’t wait for the release, get all access now!

I know you have read my previous post about the awesomeness of the Annual All Access Challenge Pack. You may have even read my previous post explaining why it is such an amazing deal and you also may have read my recent post about the April Special where the Annual All Access Challenge Pack is on sale. The Annual All Access Challenge Pack gives you:

  • one year of full access to everything

on Beachbody on Demand and I mean everything. All the programs and extra workouts Beachbody has ever produced, as well as cool extras like the fixate cooking show.

  • The portion fix color coded containers

  • Fiaxte Meal Plan.

  • Your monthly supply of Shakeology. You can even choose the brand new Vegan Vanilla and Vegan Cafe Latte Flavors.

  • Access to my Wellness Community

  • Me as you FREE Coach!



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