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The Shift Shop is Coming!

This past weekend was full of exciting news from Beachbody. There was the release of two brand new Vegan Shakeology flavors, Vegan Cafe Latte and Vegan Vanilla and the introduction of the newest member of the Beachbody Super Trainer Crew Chris Downing and his upcoming program the The Shift Shop. I am really pumped about this program, it seems like it is all about that functional fitness meaning that it will develop strength, endurance, and agility for life. The program is only 3 weeks long and one of the things that sounds really fun about it is that it ramps up each week. This means that it will be more challenging each week and starting every week off with a new challenge is always good and we will constantly have variety throughout the program. From what I have seen and read this is going to be a good one! I get to do one of the workouts with Chris at this month’s Success Club Trip in Punta Cana so I will definitely report back!

What’s the Shift Shop?