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My TOP 5 Meal Prep Tips

5 Meal Prep Tips #1 schedule it. I'm not kidding, pull out your calendar, and schedule at least 2 hours to meal prep for the coming week. I personally do that on Sunday afternoon, you fit it in where ever you can. Don't think it has to be at the beginning of the week either, and don't think you have to do it all in one chunk. #2 One of my favorite ways to meal prep is to chunk the week up into 3s Mon-Wed, Thurs-Fri, Sat-Sun. Meaning I meal prep on Sunday afternoon for Mon-Wed, I meal prep Wed for Thurs-Fri & I meal prep on Fri for Sat & Sun. I look at what meals we have coming those days and I chop, bag, pre-cook ANYTHING I can, I have been known to mix the spices for the next nights dinners after the dishes are done, just to get one step out of the way. SIMPLE! #3 Don't put the produce or meat away after you get home from the grocery store without doing SOMETHING to it to make it easier for you. Portion out the meat, pre chop 1/2 of the veggies for quick snacks, do SOMETHING to it to make it easier on yourself. #4 Do pre-cook yourself some grilled/baked chicken every week. You won't regret it. When lunch time comes and you hoard of hooligans eats all your leftovers... you'll thank me. #5 MEAL PLAN.... you can't prep without a plan. End of story. Take the time to meal plan. If you need some "quickies" go to the files section of this group and download the pre-made meal plan... it's all there for you, ready to roll. You just customize it to your needs.

You got any tips.... SHARE THEM BELOW!!! If not, which of these tips will you be implementing THIS week?

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