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Sneaky Sneak Meatloaf (Instant Pot)

Tonight.... panic mode set in. I didn't plan dinner tonight.... SWEET LORD.... KNOW RIGHT?! Who am I? I think the time change zapped my brain or something because 5pm rolled around and I realized I had NOTHING planned. SO I busted open the deep freezer and found 2lbs of ground beef. SURELY I could figure something out right. So I started, as I normally do, with a few of my trusty favorite cookbooks and came across a meatloaf recipe I had marked years ago. PERFECT... or so I thought... it takes an hour and a half to cook and my meat was just now thawing in a sink fulla hot water (yes I know FOOD SAFETY POLICE this isn't preferred practice... I took a whole stinking class on food safety, I understand my risk... now back off ok). Out busts the Instant Pot, surely there has to be a way to get this supper busted out faster, and if anyone can handle the job it's my trusty Heisenberg (yes I named my Instant Pot after Walter White in Breaking Bad). So here' it is, the recipe. Came out on the first try. D-man ate 3!!!! Servings of it and told me it's the best thing I've ever made (I'm fairly sure that's b/c it has ketchup on it). And Little-E ate it without being coaxed, which is big time for her. PLUS!!!! I snuck in a whole mess load of veggies in the actual meatloaf... so GOTCHA SUCKASSSSS I served this with sweet potato home fries and steamed spinach.