• Danielle P.

Healthier Chicken Salad

So many of you know that I was raised in a SUPER Southern kitchen. My Mama is FAMOUS for her chicken salad and while that's all well and good, the amount of Duke's mayo is... um... hate to break it to you... (in a whisper voice) noootttt really all that healthy (don't tell my mom I said that). So with the help of a recipe I received from the UT Extension program's EFNEP (expanded food and nutrition education program) I made a NEW and improved chicken salad recipe. It has a secret ingredient that really bangs up the flavor and it is SO much healthier for you. It's even 21 day fix approved now!!! WOO HOO!!!! Ingredients

2 cups shredded chicken (I like using leftover chicken best) 3/4 cup PLAIN greek yogurt 2 granny smith apples cut into small chunks 1/3 cup pecans 2 TBSP orange juice salt Pepper **optional add ins: halved grapes, raisins, craisins, celery, onion** Directions: In a small bowl combine greek yogurt & OJ w/ salt and pepper. In larger bowl stir together chicken, apples, pecans and any add ins. Mix in liquid ingredients to chicken mixture. Serve on salad greens, in a wrap, on a sandwich or with crackers. Enjoy!!!


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