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Tri-fold Brochure and Pretest

Pretest Results

For the primary target audience pretest I asked 2 men and 3 women, ages 35-50 to view the printed brochure and provide feedback to the six required questions. The first thing that caught most people’s eye, 4 out of 5 was the colorful and easy to read format. One person mentioned that the title “Are you at risk?” caught their eye interest immediately and made them want to read more. All of the pretest subjects agreed that the main message was being aware of the risks of diabetes and healthy choices one can take to lower their diabetes risk factors. While the objective of the brochure is supposed to be one clear message, I feel that it is unrealistic to encourage people to lower their risks without explaining what their risks are first. All pretest participants agreed that it raised their interest in the subject. One participant said “Yes, I even learned a simple trick for reading labels.” All 5 participants also agreed that the wording was appropriate for the target audience. No one had any recommendations improvements for the layout. But one of the participants did mention that the wording of one of the sentences, while correct was an awkward read. I will go back and improve that sentence immediately before posting. Another participant mentioned that adding in a section that explains what exactly Type 2 diabetes is would be helpful as well as more ways diet and exercise help prevent diabetes. While I appreciate that feedback because of the focus for this brochure I am going to leave that explination out due to readability issues and in the interest of brevity.

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