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Qualifications Brief

Qualifications Brief

Danielle M. Porter

(804) 200-3977

Career Objective

HEALTH and WELLNESS COACH who leads people to reduce their preventable risk factors for chronic disease through one on one coaching in the areas of nutrition, fitness and mental resiliency.

Motivational Coach

Personally evaluates and coaches one on one and in-group settings, both in person and virtually, to help optimize personal health and fitness, Clarksville, Tennessee, 2014-2015.

  • Janine Owens – “As a coach, Danielle has pushed me gently in the way I was always meant to go. She saw my finish line before I even squatted down to start the race. She had and has faith in my journey, even when I lose faith in myself.”

  • Beka Garrett – “Danielle is an incredible wellness coach who daily lives out an inspirational transformation. She is down in the trenches with her troops, fighting for changes that matter. I would not be well on my way toward my health goals without her unceasing encouragement.”

  • Theresa Shepherd - "My wonderful mentor, life coach, fellow encourager, and treasured friend, Danielle is responsible for getting me healthy again. I love how she encourages while also not letting me get by with unhealthy decisions. She is REAL which makes me want to be healthier and make life style changes. The idea of whole eating is nothing new but she made me excited about non scale victories."

  • Sarah Keefer - "Danielle coaches with integrity and sincerity, and her willingness to share the good with the bad along with her determination to practice what she preaches has pushed me outside of my comfort zone to better myself and my family. Not to mention she answers any and all of my random questions with patience and good humor."

  • Quincy Hillery - "Danielle is a fantastic coach for two reasons: she is authentic, and she is empathetic. Her passion for fitness and nutrition is contagious and inspires me to strive to live a healthier life. And because she has walked this path before me and understands the struggles that come with making important health changes, Danielle is able to come along side me and offer the perfect words of encouragement to keep me working toward my goals."

Clean Eating Educator

Plans, implements, and coordinates monthly nutrition workshops and fitness challenge groups both in person and virtually, Clarksville, Tennessee, 2014-2015.

  • Skilled communicator: communicates through a variety of media including video, written, phone. Using these modes to inspire, encourage and educate.

  • Brittany Dean – “Danielle has changed the way I look at eating. She taught how to fuel my body with the foods it needs. I was able to make this healthy lifestyle change thanks to her encouragement and knowledge! She has helped me make so many positive changes and I am very grateful for that!”

  • Carrie Hill - "Danielle has meant so much to me! By watching her own healthy eating successes via social media she inspired me to get on board! She gave me the boost I needed in self confidence, with a nonjudgmental approach. I am very grateful!"

  • Jenny Whalen - "Danielle is a great coach! She always answers my questions, checks in on me, and offers resources! I wouldn't have kept going with the program without her support! She knows her stuff and because she had experienced the 21 day fix, she helped me out a lot!"

Inspiring Guest Speaker

In demand guest speaker. Clarksville, Tennessee, 2014-2015.

  • Speaking on topics such as making a lifestyle change, clean eating, healthy family meals, the value of sharing your story, and many more.

Education and Learning Experiences

  • MASTER PUBLIC HEALTH (MPH – Nutrition), Liberty University, expected graduation 2016.

  • BACHELOR OF ARTS (BS – Graphic Design), Lynchburg, 2006 (cum laude).

  • Double minored in Spanish and Business.

  • Worked as a production assistant for Manhattan, KS newspaper The Manhattan Mercury.

“I derive personal satisfaction in helping others reach and maintain their health goals through optimal nutrition, physical fitness and mental resiliency.”

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