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What Is

Clean Eating?

No, it's not just washing your food really well before you eat it!

Clean eating is a term used to encapsulate a whole way of eating. It means primarily eating unprocessed “whole” foods.  Staying away from foods that are loaded with chemicals and retro-added vitamins, staying FAR away from items marketed as sugar free, low fat and especially diet. It means making your food primarily at home instead of eating from a box or drive through.

Does this seem overwhelming? Well luckily you came to the right place. I teach my clients how to change their daily diets by making small smart changes and leading you to a healthier lifestyle.

Nutrition Counseling & Meal Plans

Would you benefit from some ideas, strategies and a motivational boost to help you eat better…and feel better? You need a coach! I offer phone-based nutrition coaching as well as custom meal plans so you can “meet” with me from the comfort of your own home…or wherever you are.

When you decide to work with me as a coach, I’ll start by finding out where you are today, where you hope to go, and what’s worked or not worked for you in the past. I collaborate with you to develop an individualized plan for eating well that works for your goals, tastebuds, your schedule and your life.

Shopping The Perimeter
Meaning staying away from most foods on the inner asiles of the grocery store. How to make the most of your grocery budget. Figuring out what ingredients your body really needs to function at it's highest level.
We teach you these skills in both our challenge groups and in private workshops, local or online.
The 80/20 Balance
This isn't a diet. This is a sustainable lifestyle. We don't eat to just lose weight, or eat to just build bulky muscles. We eat to fuel our bodies so that we can sustain a healthy lifestyle.
We teach you how to sustain a healthy lifestyle through a balance of clean eating and how to get off of the diet train.
Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition
For almost a year we have been drinking a daily dose of the best superfoods on the planet. Aids in weightloss and energy safely and sustainably.
Shakeology might be the missing piece to your healthy lifestyle puzzle. Do your research, it's worth every sip.

And start living healthy TODAY

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